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Fizzi is a growth marketing team formed by award-winning marketing expert, Jason Fisico, and is aimed at helping service-based businesses overcome plateaus and scale faster than ever before.

The team consists of media buyers, copywriters, landing page optimization specialists, and automation wizards hand-picked from top masterminds worldwide.

Almost 90% of Fizzi's clients are 7 or 8-figure businesses (not a requirement) and have hired Fizzi to help them launch or sell an online course, coaching program, or done-for-you service.


Our Founder & CEO, Jason Fisico, is a heavily sought-after marketer, widely known for doing all of the above BY HIMSELF before he finally formed his team, Fizzi:

  • Managing Facebook, Google, and Tiktok ad campaigns

  • Building high-converting landing pages and long-form sales funnels

  • Writing and automating email and SMS sequences

  • Engineering complex backend automations

  • Designing and editing video and graphic content

  • And of course writing all the copy for the ads, funnels, and everything in-between

Since 2015, he alone has produced over $100M in revenue for his clients.

And to add a cherry on top, Jason was also recognized by Meta as a TOP 100 Facebook advertiser in 2019, and by Google as a Tier 1 Google Ads operator in 2022. He personally helped the Google team transform how they consult their highest-spending clients and contributed to ad platform features now rolling out in 2023 and 2024.

World-renowned celebrities that Jason has worked with include Robert Kiyosaki, Pace Morby, Sofia Wylie, Cameron Fous, Tom Bell, Brooke Castillo, Jamil Damji, and many others.

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